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Detail Paint Brushes Set of 11

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🖌 THE IDEAL MIXTURE OF FINE LINERS, ROUNDS, AND FLAT FINE PAINTBRUSHES plus the special “bent” brush for all your miniatures painting from Adi’s Art Pro. Ideal for painting dolls, for details on architectural or scale models, toy soldiers made of metal, paper, or wood. Paint rocks and perfect for nail or face art.

🖌 PROFESSIONAL GRADE AND HANDMADE MICRO DETAIL PAINT BRUSH SET - Yes every single one of these brushes is handmade with the finest materials. Each shape and size brush has been purposely chosen and tested by us to bring you the perfect tool for your art. It’s never been easier to reach those awkward areas on model cars, ships, and airplanes, or to do micro detailing on your favorite fantasy figurines.

🖌 THEY ARE LONG-LASTING AND TIPS RETAIN THEIR SHAPE. Made of SUPERB QUALITY Japanese synthetic hair, the best synthetic hair for paintbrushes available today. The ferrules are double crimped so no more stray hairs and shedding. Simply wash and allow to air dry and the brushes will return to their original shape with no fanning.

🖌 YOU’LL BE ABLE TO PAINT FOR SO MUCH LONGER WITH THESE PROFESSIONAL PAINTBRUSHES. Triangular in shape, the smooth, ergonomic, hand-picked, eco-friendly birch WOOD HANDLE of these miniature paintbrushes is designed to allow you to paint for hours without fatigue. Painted with 7 layers of UV paint, polished and lacquered, they do not flake keeping them smooth and pleasant to use always.

🖌 AN AMAZING GIFT for someone who works on small objects or miniature paintings or portraits. Birthday, anniversary, retirement and don’t forget that Christmas is fast approaching and it does come in a GIFT BOX. Or maybe you just want it for yourself. At Adi’s Art Pro we pride ourselves on our customer service. We’re always here for you, plus we give you a FULL-YEAR GUARANTEE. There’s nothing to lose!

    It's All About The Brush

    Expertly designed with firmly held bristles to hold the paint exceptionally well, they allow smooth strokes, will hold their shape, and will prevent stray hairs and shed.

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