The Different Types of Paint Brushes Every Artist Should Know About

For many painters, the ideal paintbrush is a critical tool for bringing their art to life. No matter the type of paint being used - oil, acrylic, or watercolor - having the right brush will make it easier to realize one's artistic vision.


Navigating the expansive world of artist's paintbrushes can feel overwhelming. From different shapes and sizes to synthetic or natural bristles, there are many decisions to make. But don't worry - once you understand the various uses of these brushes, you'll be able to pick the perfect one with ease.

To help you out, we've outlined the main types of paintbrushes artists use and put together our favorite sets. Now you can explore and find out which brushes work best for you.


types of brushes

Brushes come in a variety of shapes, each of which serves a unique purpose and is often accompanied by a particular technique. Let's take a closer look at some of these shapes.

Round - Brushes are perfect for adding intricate detail. They have a close gathering of bristles, with a round or pointed tip, making them great for sketching, filling in small spaces, and creating linework. By adjusting the pressure on the brush, you can easily switch between thin and thick lines. Plus, they are best used with thinner paints.

Flat - Brushes are highly versatile, with either long or medium-length bristles. They can be used for a range of purposes, from filling in large areas to producing bold lines, impasto, or washes. Furthermore, the edge of the brush can be used to make precise, thin lines.

Bright - Has shorter and stiffer bristles than a flat brush, giving it a slight curve towards the center. These brushes are ideal for painting with heavy body paints in an impasto style and thin paints to ensure the pigment sinks into the canvas. However, they don't work well with wet on wet painting as their stiff bristles can disrupt the underlying layer of paint.

Filbert - has a flat surface with domed edges and can come with either medium or long bristles. This type of brush is advantageous because it provides the best of both round and flat brushes, allowing for detailed and broad strokes.

Fan - A fan brush is a great tool for creating interesting textural effects on trees, clouds, and other natural elements. Its splayed out bristles are perfect for blending, feathering, and smoothing, and can be made of either natural or synthetic bristles, depending on the desired effect.

Angle - Are ideal for creating curved lines and filling in corners due to their flat shape and angled edge. Not only this, but they can also be used to paint larger areas, making them a highly versatile tool.

Oval Wash - Wash brushes are incredibly versatile, with a variety of shapes such as oval and flat, flat ferrules and short handles. These brushes create a soft edge with no point, making them perfect for laying in large areas of color, wetting surfaces, and absorbing excess paint. They can be used with watercolors, but I have also successfully used them for acrylic painting. Wash brushes are available in natural, bristle, and synthetic hairs.

Rigger - Also known as liner brushes, are long and thin with a round shape. Primarily used to paint the rigging of ships in paintings, they are excellent for creating long and continuous strokes, making them ideal for painting fine details such as branches, as well as for lettering and calligraphy. These brushes are an essential tool for anyone who works with fluid paint.

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